Birdwatching in Bath this summer!

We have a few peaks of sunshine in July and it is one of the brightest times of the year to explore wild spaces in the local area. With long days and nature buzzing with life all around, there are plenty of raptors that you may be able to spot up in the sky!

By far the one of the most populous birds of prey in Bath and Somerset is the Common Buzzard, with a wingspan of over 5 feet it is incredible to watch these birds circle and gain height above, using thermal heat in the summer to reach incredible heights. You can also hear their distinctive cry as they communicate with their families throughout the day.

Another large soaring bird we can expect and hope to see around Bath this year is the Red Kite, easily distinguished by their distinctive forked tail, they are slightly larger than the Buzzards but will share the same thermals in search of quick and easy meals like carrion, rodents or even invertebrates.

When driving down the country lanes or exploring some of Bath and Somersets beautiful countryside you may be lucky enough to spot a hovering bird, perhaps 15 – 30 metres above ground. Chances are you will be admiring a stunning Kestrel, hunting for small mammal prey in an incredibly unique way.

It’s definitely a good idea to keep your ears open at night for the wonderful ‘twitt – twoo’ of the British Tawny Owl, our most common owl species you can hear these birds communicating with one another often in late summer as their noisy offspring start moving toward independence.

But perhaps there is nothing more beautiful than watching a Barn Owl silently quarter a grass meadow in search of an unsuspecting field vole, ready to pounce from above.

Learn more about some of the fascinating native raptors you can spot out and about in the UK and further affield on your next visit to The Bird of Prey Project in Bath, Somerset!


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