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The Bird of Prey Project is a multi-award-winning visitor attraction and registered charity in Bath, Somerset. Home to 24 resident birds of prey and owls, multiple active conservation programmes and an accredited Rehabilitation Hospital, our team is working hard day in day out to advocate for wild birds of prey and the ecosystems they live in, as well as the lives of raptors in captivity in the UK.

100% of the proceeds from your visit go directly to our charity and our work in conservation, research and welfare – for more information have a look at some of our projects.

Formerly West of England Falconry

Meet the team

Board of trustees

The charity is managed by a board of trustees, currently chaired by Joe Rayment.


Naomi Johns

Centre Manager

Naomi has been working with birds of prey for almost 10 years, and currently manages the onsite team, conservation projects and care of the resident birds 


Alice Davidson

Deputy Centre Manager

Alice started working with Naomi in 2018, and now manages multiple aspects of the centre including many of the birds you enjoy seeing in action!

Patrick Armour

Bird Keeper

Patrick began his education as a volunteer and now excels in his role as bird keeper – you will often see him leading Owl Encounters and Hawk Walks.

Claudia Lowrie

Head volunteer

Claudia is a brilliant enthusiastic leader of our Bird Team volunteers and you’ll share in that enthusiasm watching her commentate a thrilling flying display!

Volunteer team

Over 20 volunteers from flying birds to gardening, marketing or IT policy make the charity what it is today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your birds get to fly free?

Yes! For all those who want to and can do so, free flight is an important part of their daily routine. We work with our birds using a modern welfare practice – consent-based high trust behaviour training (in simple terms, they call the shots in a stress free and relaxed environment). For some individuals, they may spend upwards of an hour at ‘tame hack’ (totally unsupervised independent time)

When we visit can we handle and stroke the birds?

You can definitely book a Hawk Walk or an Owl Encounter to fly a bird, or join in for our Fly a Bird for £10 session when you book your Day Tickets, but we don’t stroke our birds in best interest of their welfare.

How long are the displays and are they suitable for everyone?

Displays last 45 minutes to an hour and are suitable for all ages, as well as being accessible for wheelchairs. Seating can be limited on very busy days, so all the more reason to get in early and walk about the centre beforehand. If you need to leave part way through – that’s fine!

Do you do birthday parties?

Yep! Contact us on info@birdopreyproject.org to book.

Are you licensed?

Yes we are fully insured, licensed and inspected as a Zoo with local council and with DEFRA. Many of our other areas of work such as career training, raptor rehabilitation and more are also inspected/regulated too.

Do you work with other organisations?

Yes! Collaborating with other great charities, organisations and individuals is essential for much of our conservation and welfare work.

Do you visit schools, care homes and fetes?

Sorry, we don’t do this in best interest of the welfare of our birds.

How long has the charity been going?

Our charity was founded in 2013, and we moved to our current location in 2017.