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Apply as a Trustee to contribute to our Charity!

The Bird of Prey Project is recruiting for new Trustees, to join our board. We are specifically recruiting for Trustees with a fundraising, animal welfare, aviculture, conservation or zookeeping background, but welcome applications from anyone else who believes they have skills which would benefit our Board.

Our mission is to conserve wild birds of prey, and the biodiverse ecosystems they live in. We work with a team of over 20 birds of prey and owls in a free flight education programme to inspire our visitors at our multi-award-winning centre. Our work as a charity includes community education, alongside active conservation including rehabilitation, wild bird of prey breeding site monitoring, research and habitat monitoring.

A Trustee, as a member of the Board, will:

  • Actively participate in the development of our strategy;
  • Hold the Centre Manager to account for effective management of the charity;
  • Promote and develop the charity to grow our public benefit;
  • Inform the vision of the charity;
  • Ensure the charity complies with its governing documents, charity law, and any other applicable legislation and guidance;
  • Effectively manage the charity’s resources;
  • Manage risk;
  • Promote equality and diversity.

The specific role of a conservation or animal welfare trustee may involve:

  • Supporting the Centre Manager and Senior Bird Team in upholding high standards of welfare and innovative welfare development plans
  • Providing insight into animal welfare within mastervision creation for the charity
  • Network and liaise with other welfare or conservation partner organisations
  • Supporting Zoo License and animal training policy writing activities

Please apply with the following form if you are interested in becoming one of us.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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